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What a year it has been. I’ve always been the guy that had an idea of what the future would hold until this year. My wife Emily and I stepped into 2014 knowing the future was open to anything and everything. There were no plans outside of the weddings I had across the globe and in the free time we had we were booking plane tickets on a whim to other countries, planning trips to places we had never been, and meeting people we had only known by a username. I’ve been inspired even more by my job this year as I have been invited into couples lives to capture their stories and their moments with loved ones. The reward from the relationships I’ve built with clients has been unreal. When people look at my business, or at me as an artist, they usually see “photographer/traveler” attached to my name and more times than not in conversations the question comes up as to where I am based. My answer the last 8 months or so has been “I’m not based anywhere”. We’ve been nomadic, crashing on couches and in extra rooms of friends and family, staying in hotels, resorts and beach bungalows while living out of a suitcase. It has been the year of our lives being a part of so many people’s stories and although exhausting at times, it’s one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done.

The “World Tour” that we envisioned over a year ago came to life and was more than we could have expected. The initial purpose for the tour was to shoot around the world and meet people whom we’ve connected with online, putting a face with a username and building relationships. It’s been ridiculous as to how many conversations we’ve had and how many friends we have made along the way. Life has been good. It’s been crazy good, but the one thing that we kept coming back to, or not coming back to, was a community of our own. A place we could contribute to on a regular basis and somewhere that we could grow in and learn from.

Throughout this year we’ve shot and traveled around the U.S. from Florida to Colorado, North Carolina to Oregon and a few places in between, all the while looking for a community we could ingrain our lives in. Is it time to settle down? Not at all. We have even more travels coming up both personally and professionally but we have felt that having a community of our own is important and something we have yearned for. After hosting photographer meet ups around the world this year and getting to experience others’ communities we wanted a place we could call our own and somewhere we can help further the #communityNOTcompetition idea. For every single one of you who has come out to a meet-up in the last year, thank you. You all are amazing individuals and having the privilege of hanging with you for those few hours was an honor on our part. I have more future meet ups in the works for this years travels in new cities but I encourage all of you who are photographers, don’t wait for someone else to cultivate the community in your area. Go invite some people out for coffee and start building each other up. We are all in this together. After everything, we feel that we found the community that is going to challenge and inspire us the most and one we can call home for now. Starting in December, we will officially be residing in the Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. A year ago, this was one of our last choices on the list but after exploring the city, experiencing the culture and meeting the people, we knew it was it.

Traveling is and always will be the base of my business and I’m pumped to be shooting weddings in the near future in Canada, Indonesia, and on the East and West coast of the United States. The next year is going to be off the charts and we’re excited for the people we are going to meet and the stories we will get to be a part of. If you are in the Portland area or visiting soon, I’d love to meet you and buy you a cup of coffee. If you need a place to crash, our door is always open. Here’s to the next year and our next adventure.

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  • Holly Smith said:

    How did you get to this point? I'd LOVE for my photography to end up sending me around the country and the world! But, like you, I also want (need!) to have my own solid community. Any tips or references back to old posts on how you became a traveling photographer would be awesome! holly@hollyelizabethphotography.com Thanks! :)

  • Linda Schilberg McMillan said:

    Please be sure to go and hick Dog Head Mountain!!!! Its on the Washington side but DO IT!