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Best Wedding Venues In California

Top Wedding Venues In California

Hello! Maybe you stumbled upon this page while looking for some venues for your upcoming wedding in California. Don’t worry, you are at the right place!

My name is Robert and I’m a destination wedding photographer. I travel both within the states and internationally for every wedding I shoot (see my portfolio here) and California is one of my most frequently visited wedding locations. Photography is one of the most important things to consider when starting the wedding planning process and finding a photographer is about finding work you feel connected to but more so about finding someone whose personality and vision aligns with yours. I believe my job entails much more than just one day of shooting and that this season of life for you should be an unforgettable experience. Because of this I’ve gone ahead and started building a list below of what I have found to be the best places in California to get married. On the left, you’ll find locations. These are for those adventurous bride and grooms who are wanting to get close in nature for their wedding and on the right is specific venues around the state that provide a beautifully elegant setting and also has a taste of what California is all about.

If you have questions about any of these places, feel free to shoot me an email at robert@robertjhill.com or if you are interested in talking more about the possibility of me being a part of capturing your day, you can inquire by clicking here. If you’d like to know a little more about my philosophy towards my work and how I approach weddings, make sure to check out my about page by clicking here. I hope these suggestions help you in planning an unforgettable wedding day. Congratulations on the engagement!

Nature Wedding California
Big Sur

Wedding Venues in California
Los Angeles

Wedding Venues in California

Are you planning an elopement in California?
I always suggest using a public location for a venue as it’s free! Elopements are meant to be less stressful and the list of nature locations above are perfect for your California elopement. The big things for elopements would be making sure you first set your wedding date, then find your photographer, officiant and florist.

Los Angeles Wedding Venues
California Wedding Venues