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The 2017 Mentorship was the best yet and for 2018 we are rebuilding the Mentorship from the ground up to perfect the experience and be even more intentional with those involved. Last year I finally launched my dream of a week long workshop exclusive to my mentorship called Roadtrip and this year, we are taking it to another level with Roadtrip Oregon. We have extended the trip and centralized the location for less driving time and more opportunities to teach, discuss, shoot and explore the mountains, waterfalls, desert and forests of Central Oregon. As well in 2018 I’m introducing Live Talks that our group will do online together as my goal in 2018 is to help each attendee learn how to make their investment in the Mentorship back earlier in the year.

Over the last several years I have had the incredible privilege of mentoring photographers from all over the world via two hour long video chats I’ve referred to as Mentor Sessions and I’ve watched as these photographers have gained traction in the industry with focus and direction towards what they are truly passionate about. In this time, I have found that although two hours is perfect for some, others require more to cultivate who they are and what their unique voice is within the wedding photography world. This Mentorship is a year long opportunity for the creative needing a complete shift of perspective towards business and creativity while also having someone come along side them and help guide with intention to fulfill the vision you individually have. It’s not a session, a workshop or even a conference, but rather it’s all three, and then some. This for the creative wanting to grow as an individual, as a photographer and as a business. Below are a few of the stories from the photographers who were involved this year.

Past Members Experience

Max Sadik / 2017 Mentorship Member

"I initially was skeptical to spend thousands of dollars on the 2017 Mentorship and Roadtrip, but after Robert has worked with me, I was able to increase my pricing drastically and increase my overall income 4-fold. Thanks to the information Robert gave me and the guidance, I am confident I can move full time into photography within 6 months."
Max Sadik / MIAMI, FL

Khoa Truong / 2017 Mentorship Member

"The Mentorship and Roadtrip really helped me love the business side of photography and it was definitely the confident-boost I've been looking for, for a long time. It's also been a community where members have elevated and care for each other. It's been a group that I can show vulnerability, learn how to improve and make my work and business better. There is just a thin line between learning and playing and I feel like I was learning while playing and playing was also learning. Thank you so much Robert for making this an amazing experience. You rock!! x x x"

Nicole Mason / 2017 Mentorship Member

"Roadtrip was a life-changing workshop that I can truly say has shaped me into the photographer I needed to become. To say the Mentorship was an experience of a lifetime is an understatement."

Lauren Miller / 2017 Mentorship Member

"The 2017 year long mentorship with Robert is coming to a close and I've recently been reflecting on our time together. Robert is patient, enthusiastic, and encouraging. At any point throughout the year, I could rely on him for support in all facets of my business, from answering frantic texts about Lightroom fails to more structured one-on-ones about finances to more relaxed brainstorm sessions about business growth. You can trust that Robert will be a constant source of inspiration, guidance, and motivation. Since the start of my year long mentorship with Robert, I have increased my revenue thanks to his sales strategies and re-design of my pricing structure. Robert has also taught me the importance of client systems and how to nurture and help them grow as my business and clientele evolve. I feel lucky to have Robert as a mentor and I highly recommend for anyone wishing to take their business to the next level, to seek out Robert's wisdom and guidance."

Megan Allen / 2016 Mentorship Member

"The thing that really stood out about Robert's Mentorship is there's truly nothing else like it out there right now. Immediately I wanted to be a part of it simply because I wanted to learn from one of the best photographers in the nation but also because I love his marketing techniques and I wanted to be able to have access to someone who has so clearly reached his market and become a global photographer and not just a local photographer. If you're willing to commit and you're willing to go 110%, everything he gives you is going to make you strong photographer and a stronger business person."
Megan Allen / DAYTON, OHIO

TJ Drechsel / 2016 Mentorship Member

"The RJH Mentorship really helped me focus my goals as a photographer both in the business side of my craft as well as the skill set of my industry. The hand's-on approach he takes resonates greatly in a economy where other like options out there are simply dishing information without the true personal touch. His focus on relationship development in his own business is very evident in his mentorship as well. I've found the whole experience to be invigorating and inspiring as I continue my own growth in my craft!"

Krysta Rownd / 2016 Mentorship Member

"Robert's mentorship helped me tremendously! I am finishing up my second year of trying to push my business full time and I was able to quit my day job and become a full-time wedding and engagement photographer this year! Do you know how amazing that is? To top it off it's only November and I already have 13 weddings booked for next year and my inquiries are through the roof. I even had to turn a lot of people down because I have already been booked for their dates."

Lynnsey Phillips / 2016 Mentorship Member

"I was nervous to take on something that was just one day or three days with a bunch of other photographers around because I knew I would still have questions after that time. Having a full year to have Robert watch your business and see how to help you over the course one year is amazing. The Mentorship taught me more than I could have ever imagined."
Lynnsey Phillips / SEATTLE, WASHINGTON


JAN 1 – DEC 31, 2018

Each Member Will Receive
•12 Month Personalized Mentorship
•One Hour Intro Video Chat in December 2017 with Robert
•2 Individual One on One Mentor Sessions
•3 Online Video Conference Live Talks with Robert
•Private Facebook Group Access
•Full Access to Robert via Phone, Email and Text
•Access to Contracts, Systems, Questionnaires, Price Guides, Email Templates, Etc.
•Website & Portfolio Critiques
•Exclusive Mentorship Members Only Content

MAY 27 – JUNE 1, 2018

Roadtrip Oregon Includes…
•6-Day Traveling Workshop in Central Oregon
•Daily Adventures Involving Mountains, Waterfalls, Forests & Desert Landscapes
•Live Group Shoots with a Real Couple
•Hiking to Some of Robert’s Favorite Locations in Oregon
•Daily Keynote Talks by Robert & Discussions Amongst Group
•Individual One on One Shoots Alongside Robert
•All Lodging, Ground Transportation & Meals For The Week
•See The Detailed Tentative Schedule For Roadtrip Oregon Below…

*Attendees are responsible for their flights to and from Portland International Airport (PDX).


Each Attendee Must…
•Speak Fluent English
•Be A Wedding Photographer
•Own Their Own Business
•Have Photographed A Minimum of 2 Weddings As A Lead or Second Shooter
•Have Photographed A Minimum of 2 Engagement Sessions As A Lead or Second Shooter
•Fit Enough To Accomplish A Moderate Hike Up To 2000ft
•Fit Enough To Accomplish A Moderate Hike Up To 6 Miles Roundtrip (3-4 Hours)
•Have A Good Attitude




Enter your information below to be the first to hear when the next Mentorship is launching and gain access to early registration.


Nestled in the Central Oregon Mountains, we have centralized Roadtrip to one location this year to allow for more shooting, teaching, discussion, adventuring and relationship cultivating. Every attendee will have their own bed for Roadtrip Oregon although some attendees will be sharing rooms with comfortable bunks. Because of my deep belief that Relationships Change Everything, our models for the week will be lodging with us as well to allow ample time for each attendee to get more comfortable with them before our live shoots. As well, late May is right when Portland’s weather starts to really set into summer so we should have beautiful weather during the day and chilly nights perfect for fireside chats. Information about what all to bring and plan for during Roadtrip will be sent to all attendees closer to the start of the workshop.


Afternoon Arrival & Pick Up from PDX Airport
Drive to the Mountains
Intimate Welcome Dinner
Late Night Fireside Discussion


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
2 Live Talk Sessions and Discussions
Sunset Mountain Hike


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
2 Live Talk Sessions and Discussions
Roadtrip to Waterfall Engagement Session
Fireside Q&A


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Sunrise Lakeside Hike
2 Live Talk Sessions and Discussions
Roadtrip to Desert Shoot
Late Night Editing


Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
2 Live Talk Sessions and Discussions
Roadtrip to Gorge Shoot
Fireside Q&A


Load Up
Final Farewells
Drop Off at PDX Airport



The 2018 Mentorship Will Take Place January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018
All attendees will gain access to Robert’s Private Education Facebook Group for Further Mentoring
Please contact me directly at robert@robertjhill.com for any immediate questions regarding the Mentorship or Roadtrip Oregon.