I exist to elevate and empower creatives; to realize the potential they individually hold to craft sustainable businesses that provide a purposeful life and profitable living. This wakes me up every day and inspires me in my interaction with every creative I come in contact with. Maybe you’re here because you’ve heard someone share about a Mentor Session with me or possibly you’ve come across my exclusive year-long Mentorship and Roadtrip experience but I’m excited to finally release an ongoing public workshop that that will bridge the gap between my sessions and mentorship called Work Less Make More. This workshop is an opportunity for me to take what I do on an individual level and bring it to communities of creatives seeking how to have a greater impact and how to be more than just another wedding photographer. It’s an intense day where I’ll be unpacking on a very deep level the truth that overarches each of our businesses. The photography industry is only expanding and the content I’m sharing in this workshop is solely focused on you. This is not about me or my ego. It’s not about shooting, editing or posing but rather strictly centered around how you uniquely stand out and how you have the opportunity to go forward gaining the actual freedom both with time and money that you probably started out in business striving for.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming Work Less Make More workshop, you can find various cities below that you can sign up for to get additional information. Once 10-15 creatives sign up for that city, I’ll be announcing a date and releasing details on how you can be one of the first to grab a spot as each city will have limited space. Early registration for each workshop will only be available by signing up for that individual city and if you ever come up with questions, please never hesitate to reach out as I’m always here to help.

Upcoming Locations


Click below to shoot me a message about where you would want me to host the next workshop.