A book for Wedding Creatives Who Struggle with Posing and Business

The two biggest struggles I hear wedding photographers face is how to pose people and how to build a sustainable business that is profitable enough to live out the vision they have for their lives. In my pursuit of building a global wedding photography brand, I’ve come to realize how both posing and business are really one in the same and in POSER I share a psychological breakdown of my entire process while on location with couples and how these same principles apply to building a solid business that inspires you everyday. Enter your name and email below and I will send you a free copy of POSER straight to your inbox!


Triana Brower / Poser

"I loved the idea of being a director not a poser. That inspired to me really want to dig deep into the mind of a director and research cinematography to find fresh ways for my photos and learn how to be a storyteller. I love the photos and the quotes as well. I admit I am a poser and I need more education."
Triana Brower / FLORIDA

Paige Newgaard / Poser

"I enjoyed the honest outlook to Roberts approach to each of his clients and how inspirational his journey is. Well done!"
Paige Newgaard / PORTLAND, OR

Drake Bergens / Poser

"To be honest I haven't finished it yet but so far I love the immediately applicable action steps and the break away from the standard / almost predictable advice I've heard from so many of the newer generation of successful wedding photogs."
Drake Bergens / LOUISVILLE, KY

Jamie Davis / Poser

"I really like the way you talk about relationships. I literally read on my way to a shoot (it was a long drive and I was a passenger) - and it forced me to slow down and sit down and really chat with the couple and get to know what they worried about. I had never done that.Usually when someone would say, we are so nervous about this - I would say something like "Oh, don't worry you'll be fine, it'll be fun". - I went over some of the tips right away. I paid attention to so much more rather than hurrying along. It was one of the best sessions I've had."
Jamie Davis / CHICAGO, IL

Caity Mcculloch / Poser

"It felt like we were having a conversation. Very readable. Straightforward."
Caity Mcculloch / CANADA

Lukas Leonte / Poser

"To be honest I loved the whole book but I specifically enjoyed those little personal stories and experiences you shared. Besides the step to step approach "this will look better than this", I really appreciated the insights you gave on how to build a relationship with your clients that actually lead to these stunning results!"
Lukas Leonte / AUSTRIA

Michael Toman / Poser

"I read POSER in a single sitting! Once I started I couldn't put it down. There were so many useful, practical tips for creatives working in both photography...and video. I work as a wedding film-maker and found it really inspiring."
Michael Toman / IRELAND

Cody Harris / Poser

"I think it's so no secret that we all have struggled when it comes to posing and evoking genuine connection. Poser helps with just that. It breaks into the intentional process of crafting an experience and imagery that will bring meaning back into why we do what we do as wedding photographers. This book offers universal and profound truth that provides so much more clarity and understanding than your standard posing class."
Cody Harris / NASHVILLE, TN

Max Sadik / Poser

"There are many good books on the market that will explain the technicals to you, such as shutter speed and aperture, or how to setup galleries online. However, I have yet to see a book that teaches you how to build sustainable relationships and trust. This is a must read if you plan on building a sustainable business while nurturing trustworthy relationships around your business."
Max Sadik / Miami, FL