Upcoming Travel

Traveling is our greatest inspiration. We are privileged to do it regularly while working with couples from all corners of the globe. Having our base in the Pacific Northwest, we are constantly traveling throughout the West Coast USA but below is our upcoming travel schedule for the foreseeable future as well as a few destinations that we’re looking for couples adventurous enough to visit possibly for their wedding, elopement and/or couples shoot.

If you happen to be in one of the areas we’re already heading to and you’d like to catch one of us while we are there shoot us an email with some details and we’ll start the conversation.


January: Orlando, FL
February: Portland, OR
March: Los Angeles, CA
April: New Orleans, LA / Vancouver, BC / Portland, OR
May: EUROPE – Austria, Germany, Iceland
June: NYC / Boston, MA / Portland, ME
July: Bali, Indonesia / Seattle, WA / San Fransisco, CA
August: Los Angeles, CA / Phoenix, AZ
September: Denver, CO / Portland, OR / New York City
October: St. Louis, MO / Austin, TX / Portland, OR
November: Chicago, IL
December: Portland, OR


January: Orlando, FL / Portland, OR
February: Las Vegas, NV / Jackson Hole, WY
March: Maui and Honolulu, Hawaii
April: New York City, NY / Nashville, TN
May: Iceland / Belize
June: Seattle, WA / New York City, NY / Boston, MA
July: Portland, OR
August: Los Angeles, CA / Portland, OR
September: Portland, OR
October: Los Angeles, CA
November: Houston, TX / Chicago, IL
December: Austin, TX / Orlando, FL

Continuously looking for couples adventurous enough for these locations:
Norway, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, Tanzania (Serengeti), Namib Desert (Namibia), Argentina, Fiji, Alaska