PNW Born Adventurer,
Elopement photographer,
& Business Coach

Something I deeply value is

being an avid
explorer of

inner & outer worlds

As a photographer, I’ve always created in the external world and the more intentionally I crafted experiences for the people who stepped in front of my camera, another more nuanced world emerged.

This led me to focusing not just on appearance but far more on the energy of the experience. Exploring this internal landscape opened me up to realizing that although I love serving people with my camera, I find my greater purpose is in helping people feel deeply safe to be fully themselves.

I am someone who deeply values authenticity, autonomy and adventure and that is the intention behind everything I do with those who step in front of my lens and with those who trust me to come alongside them in co-creating more clarity, confidence and connection in their life and business.


ElopemEnts &
Small Weddings

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My Story

Everything changed

when my world flipped upside down

You’d have thought I was at the top of my game, flying over 100k miles a year to photograph couples all over the world, 40k people following me on social media, making a quarter million dollars a year while teaching others to do the same.

Externally, everything was unreal and too good to be true but there was no escaping the internal reality of chronic stress, anxiety and overwhelm that was tearing me apart.

I had no idea that a younger version of me was screaming from the depths of my being and that I was on such autopilot, operating from my head and the “shoulds” I had been conditioned to believe instead of from a place of
presence, peace and beingness.

Than one night, deep in the Indonesian jungle, everything flipped upside down and revealed something that I had never been aware of before…

Features & Publications

Features & Publications

Robert J Hill is an Adventure Elopement Photographer and Business Coach based out of Portland, Oregon.
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