So I wrote a book for creatives about how to build a sustainable business, fulfill the vision you have, and build deeper connections with the people who step in front of your camera.
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You’ve taken the workshops, you’ve attended the conferences, you’ve read the books! Hell, maybe you’ve even tried meditating and psychedelics, yet you still aren’t where you want to be.

That’s because nothing external is going to be able to solve an internal problem. Our world is one that plays in the mind. They feed you funnels and strategies, filling you with all the information you could consume, and it feels so damn good to consume it.

I did it all too, and it still didn’t get me where I wanted to be. Strategy is valuable but not without safety and self awareness. I’m here to come alongside you and help you to embody who you truly are so that you can level up your own leadership and life and then use that to serve others in radically inspiring ways.

Hey! I’m Robert

International photographer turned
Brand Alchemist & Authenticity Coach

I help conscious creatives, adventure seekers and digital nomads build epic businesses by simply being and breathing.

I do this through energetic alignment, spiritual psychology, conscious breathwork and subconscious reprogramming. I’m not here to change your mindset, I’m here to help you go deeper, to tap into your body and work through the trauma that has left you with loads of limiting beliefs that now hold you back from being the creator of your reality.

And no, this is not therapy.

I’m here to help you get out of your own way, step into your most authentic self and create something that will serve your soulmate clients like no one else can.

Why? Because there’s nothing better than feeling peace, presence and purpose in every area of your life and business while experiencing deep fulfillment, financial abundance and freedom to exist exactly as you are.

Private 1:1 Coaching

This is your opportunity to get full access to me for a season as we co-create solutions to your challenges and help you master your energy, market your brand like a legend and get epic results!

Self Lead Courses

Online self lead courses that will help you become a higher version of yourself, embody your brand, market yourself like no other and experience more financial abundance.

mastermind community

An in-depth group mastermind packed with content and support to help you master your business alongside a community of conscious creatives and energize you with the confidence and courage to level up!


Discovering Who You Were Born To Be Through Human Design

Your whole life, you’ve been told who you are. As we grow up, we are naturally conditioned by other people’s values, virtues and viewpoints. We buy into belief systems, societal moral codes and cultural preferences …

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How Trauma May Be Holding You Back In Your Business

We all have 2 core needs growing up and how they were met by your care takers may be impacting how you’re able to show up in your business. The two core needs we have …

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Robert J Hill Coach

6 Simple Tips For A Powerful & Transformative Coaching Experience

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This is where I'll help you elevateyour content and get more clients

As entrepreneurs, we all crave to feel like we aren’t doing this alone. Building a business can be challenging which is why I’ve created a safe space for you to learn, grow and expand your brand, your way.

What Liz Said
“Robert helped me uncover what it is that makes me stand out in a sea of other photographers and he showed me how to communicate this value to my clients. The confidence I gained from the mentorship was life changing!”
Elizabeth Prybylo / Wells, ME
What Max Said
"I am sitting on a business that will make more than $200,000 this year (2018 was a $110,000 year) and life has literally never been better, ever! Robert literally changed my life, and my family’s life too!”
Max Sadik / Miami, FL
What John Said
"In the previous 2 years, the largest wedding I had ever booked was $1500 my first wedding that I booked after putting all of Roberts amazing teaching us to use was $12,000. This was mind blowing!”
John Kiepke / Portland, OR
What Katy Said
"I signed up for the mentorship with a mind full of unchecked ambition, wanting more, more, more. And what I have gotten from it HAS been more. More money for sure, but what I've learned this past year goes WAY beyond that.”
Katy Weaver / Portland, OR
What Brian Said
“I signed up for a photography mentorship but what I got was much more than that. Robert will give you wisdom to bring your business to the next level and lead you down a path that will not only better your business, but better yourself. Truly a life changing experience!”
Brian Miller / Saint Augustine, FL





This is the group I wish existed when I was started out. It’s full of smart people who are ready to help and are asking the same questions you are. The varied experience and knowledge means there isn’t a problem we can’t solve together. Our common thread is that we are all looking to grow purposeful and profitable brands that are true to who we are.

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