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OPEN DATES / May & June 2016

Munich Germany Engagement Session

Traveling. Its the one thing in life that makes me feel completely alive. Nothing competes with jumping airport to airport, dealing with jetlag, sleeping on floors at times and experiencing so many different people at once. I had a vision years ago about the life I gratefully live now and I can honestly say I don’t believe I will ever get used to it. There’s always something new, something fresh to experience. Emily and I are constantly jealous when the other one of us leaves to get on a plane. It fuels us. It excites us about life. Every single time I step foot on an aircraft I’m reminded of how small we really are and how none of us have this life figured out. Being 30,000 ft in the air constantly forces my mind open to possibilities and opportunities I never imagined possible. My greatest inspiration is traveling, whether it’s throughout the US or somewhere overseas. I’m grateful to be heading to many places I’ve never been before this year for weddings and shoots and I’m forever thankful to each of you who ask me to travel across the world to celebrate with you and your families.

I have a few select dates open for May & June 2016 for some different areas around the globe and if you or someone you know are in (or desire to travel to) one of these areas and want to take advantage of local pricing while I’m traveling I’d love to hear from you at robert@robertjhill.com

Austria / May 18-19
Munich, Germany / May 23
New York City / May 29
Portland, ME / June 3
Boston, MA / June 4-5