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Building a business is easy. There are formulas, strategies, and techniques to follow. Anyone can learn and execute a strategy. Building a brand is far more complex and requires a different mindset to achieve successfully. Your business is the support for your brand to exist in the world but what you are really trying to say by offering a product or service is what helps you stand out from the rest. Being true to who you really are and in turn telling the world what you believe is how you will start to be seen and gain the loyalty or attention to fulfill your vision. If you chase business, you will struggle to stand out. If you chase building a brand, you will find your unique voice more and more every single day and others will start to take notice.

Business is a system. Brand is a belief.

Business is a machine. Brand is a personality.

Business is analytical. Brand is emotional.

Business is hard to change. Brand evolves naturally.

Business is driven by profits. Brand is driven by people.

Business is black and white. Brand is color.

Business is product. Brand is experience.

Business makes money. Brand makes impact.

Business fills your pockets. Brand fills your soul.

Business communicates what. Brand communicates why.

Business can be replicated. Brand always stands out.

Which are you building?

If you feel lost in your business or if you are currently struggling with building a brand, I’d love to help you start to realize the potential you hold. Click here to check out some of the education opportunities I provide for wedding creatives or if you are looking for some more content, grab a free copy of my recently released book, POSER by clicking here.