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close familiarity or friendship; closeness.

How do you pose couples? What do you need to do to capture more natural images? Why am I not able to cultivate raw true emotion with my couples on a shoot? These questions are asked every day throughout our industry yet the answer is right in front of every one of us. Intimacy is both physical and emotional. It’s friendship, platonic love, romance, and sex but also empathy, understanding, intention, and support. Intimacy takes on different meanings for every couple who asks you to photograph them but their willingness to open up and share their truest selves with a stranger (you) is determined by the connection and depth you build in your relationship with them prior to pulling out your camera.

We desire to capture natural images that tell tales of love and romance, be it in an emotional sexy way or in a light, fun and energetic way yet we often fall short of achieving these results if we haven’t put in the work to cultivate this connection beforehand. Are you willing to do the real work it takes to be the photographer you want to be? If you want to excel as a photographer, you must excel with people. Open yourself up to others, hear what they have to say, be genuinely interested in them and above everything, be yourself.

I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts on how I cultivate intimacy and connection with couples last week on the Photography Together Podcast. Click play above to listen to my 30-minute conversation with Kyle Yates and as always, if additional questions arise, don’t hesitate to shoot me a note on Instagram. If you are looking for more depth on this topic, I’d encourage you to grab a free copy of my book, POSER where I share some business philosophy for photographers as well as break down the entire directing process I take with every couple I work with. Download a copy of Poser now by clicking here. I hope my conversation with Kyle encourages you as you head into the weekend and I hope it motivates you to shoot a little more for yourself and your brand in the days ahead.

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