10 years from now…

what story will you tell about the day

you married best friend?

Will it be one of stress, overwhelm and regret or one that you are still inspired to tell
because of how unforgettably epic the entire experience was?

You found your life long adventure partner, now it’s time to celebrate your connection in a way that will leave you with an epic story to tell for the rest of your life.

Will it be one where you followed the norm, did the traditional thing and invited people you didn’t axctually want to join, or will it be one that you know, without a shadow of a doubt, was authentically true to who you and your partner are?
Whatever your vision may be, I’m here to champion your wildest dreams, because life is all about living to the fullest and chasing after that which makes you feel most alive. Whether you dream of saying your vows overlooking an active volcano, next to an unbelievable waterfall, or surrounded by breathtaking mountains at sunset, I’m here to help you make it happen.

You found your life long adventure partner, now it’s time to celebrate your connection in a way that will leave you with an epic story to tell for the rest of your life.

Here’s to a wedding day

That won’t go by in
the “blink of an eye”

Because of how deeply present you are

I’ve photographed weddings, big and small, for the last 15+ years and I’ve heard the words, “Wow! This day just flew by” more times than I can count. If there is one thing I’ve learned in all these years working with couples, it’s that the bigger your wedding is, the faster it goes by.

Whether it’s because there is so many guests to see and talk to, a timeline filled with things to do, or just simply the stress of things not going perfectly, the more you fill your wedding day, the less time and space you have to be aware of the wind in your hair, the ground beneath your feet, or the touch of your partners hand on your skin.

Elopements & Adventure Weddings change that. They give you the opportunity to craft a day intentionally around connection with your partner, with the earth and maybe with a handful of the people that truly mean the most to you in life.

We live in a world that tells you to have more but something incredibly special emerges when you are courageous enough to go after less.

“From the very first inquiry, to the flawless delivery of our images, we have been blown away. Your professionalism, talent, and personality made our experience all the better.”

-Samantha & Daniel
I’m here to help you

craft An elopement
day that leaves
you feeling

present, inspired, alive & Truly you
I’m not here for a cookie cutter experience but one that is tailored to you and that encourages you to open your heart and chase after that thing that lives behind that question in your mind, saying “Can we actually have that?!”. I’m here to remind you that if it’s a HELL YES in your body, it’s for you.

As a heartfelt empath, an idea wizard, an adventurer junkie and someone who is gifted at helping people release pressure and step into possibility, I can uniquely serve you by…

Ready to get started?

Hey I'm Robert

Avid Adventurer &

Elopement Photographer

My camera has taken me from

high end weddings to high in the mountains

and shown me what truly matters

I picked up a camera when I was 12 years old and never imagined that it would be bring about such transformation in my life while also creating a wild opportunity for me to serve couples and make an impact on their lives.

I shot my first wedding in 2006 and in more ways than I can say, I’ve grown up with a camera in my hand photographing couples. I’ve always felt inspired by this work but along the way, I’ve struggled to find my place with a camera in a way that truly felt like home.

I grew up in the Washington and Alaska but my family relocated to Florida when I was 8 and it wasn’t until I moved back to the Pacific Northwest that I truly realized how much I never felt at home in the Southeast.

I finally had access to the mountains, rivers, deserts and forests that I dreamed of since my childhood. I finally discovered where my soul felt settled and inspiration flowed effortlessly.

I’ve been a Destination Wedding Photographer capturing high end events around the world since 2014 but I’ve continuously felt a yearning for something more, something rugged, raw and real. I have a deep love for marriage but I often watch large weddings be more of a performance rather than a day of true presence.

After a wild decision to hike 2,653 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail in 2022, something deep within me shifted and solidified revealing exactly what I was supposed to be doing with my camera going forward.

Now I blend my love and experience of exploring the backcountry and wild landscapes across the world with my passion for serving couples around their wedding and elopement in this season that they are starting their adventure of a lifetime together.

I’m here to create something more than a beautiful photograph. I’m here to help you feel at home within yourself and have an adventure that you’ll never forget.

“we saw the creativity in Robert’s work, we knew we had to have him as our photographer even though it was a bit out of our price range.
The images are the only lasting thing that you can take with you after that special day and we are glad that not just any photographer was there to do it.”

-Regina & Doug


My Journey With Camera

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Years pHotographing Weddings Elopements
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countries visited for destination Weddings
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MILES worth of trails BACKPACKED


Get inspired with my

Elopement Planning & Adventure Guides

planning your wedding

shouldn’t feel like working a second job

it should exciting, energizing & expansive

How you get married matters and too many people fall into the trap of thinking they have to do it a certain way because of tradition or family pressure but this is the first step in truly kicking off this badass adventure of a lifetime with your person. It needs to be wildly true to you.

At this point in planning your day, how do you feel in your body? Are you inspired, energized and effortlessly making moves or are you overthinking, worrying and feeling loads of pressure to create a “perfect” day?

If it’s the latter, there’s a chance something isn’t aligned or that you are operating from what you think you “should” do rather than what is authentically you.

When you are aligned in your plan, you feel clear, calm and connected to yourself and your partner. When you aren’t, it feels like chaos and confusion.

I’m here to help you feel wildly clear and certain about your path while also making the entire experience fun and exciting rather than exhausting.

I’m here to help you find the best trail to adventure on literally and energetically.

This is why I start with a Discovery Call with every couple. This is a valuable time for us to connect, discover if we all feel connected and like we’d work well together and explore what your heart and mind is envisioning for your day. This is not a call to make any decisions though you will walk away inspired, clear on your path and energized with tangible next steps to bring the vision of your day to life.

Explore my most recent elopements

with adventurous couples

Orcas Island Elopement


Puerto Rico Elopement

“The genuine conversations we had with Robert had throughout the session helped us feel comfortable being in front of the camera. We really felt cared for and that he was doing everything he could to capture this milestone moment in our relationship.”

-Taylor & Nathan

I can’t wait to hear from you

And plan an epic
adventure together

once you submit, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours
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