You want to know

What sets my
work apart?

It’s my couples & Approach

I’ve always been a firm believer that my work is not just “mine”. Rather, the images you see on my site that evoke a feeling in you are the byproduct of the relationship and trust that my couples and I have built with one another. This is not my work, it’s ours.

If incredible images and an unforgettable experience is what you desire, it means you are ready to go all-in with me to make that magic happen. I can’t do it alone.

My couples want an authentic adventure. They want an experience that goes beyond a photo shoot. They want a story that they will love to tell for the rest of their lives.

I’m here to lead and guide you along the way, to draw out what truly lights you up and make sure that every step we take is deeply in alignment with who you are. I’m not here to just be your photographer, I’m here to be your trusted friend and co-create images beyond your wildest dreams.

The first step is

making sure all 3
of us are the right
fit for one another

that’s why I start with a discovery call

Anyone can take a “good” photo but you’re not here for just good images. You’re here for images that capture the heart of you and your partner and an experience that creates more joy, inspiration and value in your relationship.

That’s why before we do anything, we need to make sure we all vibe together over a phone call. Here’s what that looks like.

Then we start mapping out our Adventure!

“You do so much more than create beautiful photographs; you create a space for couples to leave the rest of the world behind and just be in love.”

-MC & Katlin

My process is built

around connection
And conscious

here’s what that looks like…

I’ve crafted an experience from the moment you reach out to the day you receive your final images and album that is all about clear communication, self awareness and whole hearted trust.

All of this sets the stage for an epic wedding day that you’ll never forget.

level up your stoke with my

Adventure & Planning Guides

“Your personality has been a joy to be around and You have a genuine character that makes anyone feel like they can be themselves when they are around you.”

-Molly & Fednold
I fully get it…

Maybe you’re afraid
of looking awkward
& uncomfortable

Here’s why that won’t happen with me
The truth is, not one of the couples you see on my website are models. I’ve just built a shooting pocess that draws out the beauty of who you are and when you combine that with stunning light, magic happens.
How you feel in front of the camera is determined by how empowered you feel by who’s behind the camera. Here’s how I’ll help you feel comfortable and love your images in the end.



Looking great in your images starts with our first connection. The more we build trust before our shoot, the more you will feel safe to be fully yourself. We’re not here to fake anything. I’m here to help you embody who you are fully.



Posing makes your photos awkward and stale. I’m all about natural and authentic images so I won’t pose you but I will gently direct and guide you while helping you stay comfortable and connected.



I have crafted a system that I will share at the beginning of our shoot that will help you look your absolute best during our time together and feel secure in knowing what to do every step of the way.


I’ll help eliminate your insecurities

The parts of ourselves we don’t love can keep us from loving our images. We all have insecurities and we’ll explore this together before our shoot so that I can make sure they aren’t something you worry about.


I've got your back every step of the way

I am a details wizard. The slightest shift in the body or angle of light changes a lot in images. I am always looking to tell a story from my compositions to the way the wind blows your dress. Above all, I have your back every single step of the way.

view my portfolio to inspire the

possibilities for your day


Columbia River Gorge Elopement

Iceland Elopement

“No words! So many emotions. We couldn’t hold back the tears again. Every single one of those pictures means the world to us and all we wanna do is look at them over and over again!!”

-Sarah & Lukas

So… what happens

after your epic elopement is over?

here’s what you can expect

Fast forward. We’ve become great friends planning your day, had an epic and unforgettable adventure together and now it’s time to see your images.


First, you’ll get sneak peeks in 48 hours

I know you’re going to be dying to see some images immediately after our adventure, so I’ll edit a few and send them your way within 48 hours of your elopement so you have something to cherish while you wait for the rest.


I’ll dissapear into my editing cave

As you settle into your life after your wedding, I’ll be going through every image we created, selecting the best ones, editing them in my signature style, and then designing a wedding album to tell the story of your day.


In 4-5 weeks, We'll have our "reveal call"

I deliver every elopement and session I do “face to face” so we can relive your day together through your album. I will have chosen all the images already and designed it in a compelling way custom to your day. Don’t worry, we’ll be making changes to it so it’s everything you want.


I’ll leave you with your online gallery

Our “reveal meeting” isn’t to look at every image. That’s something you’ll want to do in private. After our call, you’ll have an email in your inbox with your online gallery where you can view, download and share any of the high resolution images from your elopement day.


we’ll then have one last album call

Our final call will be to swap out any photos you want in your album and make sure the design is everything you want. 6-7 weeks later, you’ll have your beautiful album in hand to share with your friends and family!

If your stoke level is rising

it’s a sign that we should connect

My style is about evoking

how your heart naturally feels

on this journey in life together

The intention behind my style is to capture images that are evocative, cinematic and filled with genuine moments. I mix shooting very candidly while also gently directing at times so that you walk away with beautiful in-between moments of joy and laughter, intimate and romantic moments where the world has fallen away, and expansive images that capture the wild landscape you are immersed in.

What I have discovered over the years that inspires my work the most is…

Remote romance

If my work was a movie, I think this would be the title! I love exploring new places and venturing to areas in nature that most wouldn’t go. There is nothing like being out in the vastness of nature with your partner and no one else around.

otherworldly landscapes

You can never see the best views from the trailhead and I will always be game for hiking the extra miles or driving the extras hours to explore a location that truly blows your mind. The more you are in your body, the more you will love your images.

Stunning Light & Dramatic Skies

I always plan the most important part of the day around the last few hours of sun so that we have the best light and get those incredible twilight colors. Weather will always play a role in our shoot and sometimes, taking a small risk can be wildly worth it.

Authentic Adventure

You may just want a “photo shoot” but I always encourage couples to consider going all out. Let’s plan a trip and immerse in nature with some of your favorite adventurous activities so that you walk away with epic images and a story-worthy experience.

Got more Questions?

I’m here to answer them all

Here’s a few freuqnetly asked ones

Will You Assist Us In Our Planning?

1000% I’m here to assist every step of the way and guide you step by step to creating your day from locations, to permits, to desinging the day and timeline and even connecting you with other creatives you may want to be a part such as hair and make up artists, caterers,

How often will we talk?

Within the experience I have created we will connect 3-6 times between the time you book and recieving your final wedding album – it all dependws on what is included in your collection. I’m also available for text, email, and my ultimate favorite, audio messages, throughout the entire time we are working together!

Do you have different packages to choose from?

I call them Collections as they are customizable rather than a set package that can’t be changed and yes, I offer 4 different Collections that we will go through together on our initial Exploratory Call if you feel I could be a good fit for your day. You can also see some details on my pricing page.

We love physical art. Will we get a wedding album?

Having your images in physical form is the greatest way to reexperience your day so most of my Elopement & Small Wedding Collections have an album included. I also have an option that doesn’t include an album if you feel you truly only want digital images.

How adventurous do we have to be to work with you?

Adventure means something a little different to everybody and above all, I want to co-create a day that is authentic to who you are. That could look like a short hike to some beautiful scenery and then returning to a quaint private space, it could look like going on a multi-day bakcpacking trip, or I’ve even travelled across the world and roadtripped a
brand new landwcape before with a couple.

Do you travel for elopements, weddings & engagements?

Absolutely, I would love to be a part of your destination wedding or elopement and I’ve photographed couples all over the world.

Where all have you traveled to photograph couples?

So far, I’ve traveled to 21 countries around the world and 16 of those were to photograph couples for their engagement, wedding or elopement. I’ve also traveled to almost all 50 states and photographed couples in 15 different states.

WHat are YOUR BUCKET LIST Adventures right now?

I’m currently planning my next thru hike for later in 2024 while dreaming and scheming about backpacking the Torres Del Paine in Patagonia, the Tour De Mont Blanc in France and I’d love to do a rugged trek across Iceland’s interior. I also dream of visiting Morocco, Jordan and Norway.

WHY Don’t You Share All Your Past Work?

It was a wildly painful decision to take work off my site but when I decided to shift to only working with couples who were choosing to have an adventurous wedding or elopement, I felt it was important to only share the type of work I am focused on and inspired to serve couples around going forward. I was so inspired by my past clients and I know I’m going to be able to serve in even greater ways with my new focus.

How many weddings & elopements have you photographed?

Over the last 17 years I’ve photographed over 150 couples for their weddings or elopements!

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that we would have photos like these.

Robert is truly a master of his art and making people look and feel natural and confident in front of the camera.”

-Chrissy & Ryan

I can’t wait to hear from you

And plan an epic
adventure together

once you submit, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours
Once you click "Full Send!", I’ll be in touch within a few hours however it could take me up to 48 hours to respond. You can expect a text message and an email from me and if you have not heard from me in this timeframe, it’s because I did not receive your form or that my email went to your spam folder.

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