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“Poser breaks into the intentional process of crafting an experience and imagery that will bring meaning back into what we do as wedding photographers.”

CODY & ALLISON / @codyandallisonphoto

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"For a short book, it was jam-packed with solid content. It was also a great whet-your-whistle sort of thing, a great teaser for more goodness from Robert J Hill!”

Ashton Songer / @ashton.songer

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“Not only do I think I smashed my shoot thanks to the confidence I felt after reading Poser, I also felt so much joy and I was amazed by the images we made together.”

Erica Knecht / @thatwildroad

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"Once I started I couldn't put it down. There were so many useful, practical tips for creatives working in both photography...and video. I work as a wedding film-maker and found it really inspiring.”

Michael Toman / @storyofeve

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"I love the immediately applicable action steps and the break away from the standard / almost predictable advice I've heard from so many of the newer generation of successful wedding photogs.”

Drake Bergens / @drakeandeliza

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"WOW - I definitely learned a lot, and I am so unbelievably glad I took the time to read through Poser.”

Christian Shackton / @seashackphotoandfilms

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"Robert is honest and kind and I can feel his heart through his writing.”

Amira Maxwell / @amira94

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"A lot of people say "community over competition," but few actually put it into practice. So, thank you.”

Cordelia Haugen / @cordeliahaugen

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"This is one of the best photography books ever. I love how the book goes through your process of directing a shoot and that it goes so much deeper. It's incredibly hard to find photography education that is beyond the basics.”

Christa Reed / @christareedphotog

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"It was inspiring and I can't wait to go on my next shoot!

Nicole Cerruto / @nicoledanielle.us

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"I have a group on Facebook of photographer friends and posted a link to it as soon as I was done reading it!”

Stephney Bazi / @stephneymartinphotography

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"Ahh! It was a total reality check. It really brought me back to focus on WHY I started my business.”

Heather McCormick / @heathermccormickphotography

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"I really felt like the book spoke directly to me. It is how I want to shoot in my soul but I have this rut I have gotten into. It was like you were saying what I could not find the words for.”

Keri Cooper / @weddingphotographerkauai

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"I loved the voice in it - You can really hear how passionate you are about creating dynamic relationships with your couples, and I am so, so ready to start building into my couples too!”

Tom Thornton / @tom_thronton_

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"It made me realize what's been missing in my work.”

Andrea Brandt / @lumephoto


for you, YOUR clients, and for those random people watching...

Posing is unnatural and it never cultivates a moment of authenticity. Although you can fake an image with amazing lighting and the right angle, you create a greater experience and brand value when you help your clients feel completely themselves in front of your camera.

I remember the stress of pulling out my camera and not having a clue what to do. So worried about whether I’d get “the shot” and not being able to even focus on anything because I was so overwhelmed by the awkwardness.

The intimacy you cultivate with a couple on a shoot begins with your first conversation with them and in Poser, I break down the psychology of why relationships matter to our art and then I break down my entire posing process step by step to help you take a deeper approach with your clients.


This is the group I wish existed when I was started out. It’s full of smart people who are ready to help and are asking the same questions you are. The varied experience and knowledge means there isn’t a problem we can’t solve together. Our common thread is that we are all looking to grow purposeful and profitable brands that are true to who we are.

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