It’s time to step into

The person you've always been but

Never Fully celebrated

You’re entire life

You've been told who you are

Rather than lead inward

We are conditioned as we grow up by other people’s values, virtues and viewpoints.

We buy into belief systems, societal moral codes and cultural preferences that cause us to never truly discover who we uniquely are.

As we experience trauma and conditioning, we become wired and trained to live out of alignment with our unique energetic blueprint which negatively impacts our life, relationships and business. And all of it can make us feel like we are swimming up stream instead of flowing with life.

This is where Human Design comes in.

Human Design is
a radically deep
& empowering tool

That hepls you…

Uncover the nature of how your unique energy works so you live with more clarity & confidence


Dismantle your conditioning and the codependency that keeps you small & stuck


experience deeper self trust through greater awareness of who you were born to be

No scripture, system, or star sign can define you

Only you get to decide who you are

Human design is simply a map to guide your adventure inward


Coach & human design guide

Life has taught me a lot

About what works and what doesn’t

I’ve been involved with some sort of personal growth or spiritual practice since I was a kid. I’ve explored and experimented with everything from therapy to coaching, religion to rebirthing, meditation to psychadelics, mindset to somatics and breathwork to bodywork.
I have discovered some incredibly effective methods to growing your self awareness and bettering your life, business and relationships and I’ve found some very innefective modalities that the capitalistic side of the “self-help” industry sells us. And here’s what I’ve discovered…
Not one path, one system, one technique or modality has all the answers for you because you are the ultimate answer you are looking for. No one knows you better than you and the tools that lead you back to youself are the most effective at creating the change you desire.
Human Design is one of the most profound tools I’ve found on that journey.
I didn’t find Human Design but rather, over a decade, it synchronistically found me, over and over again. As I have dove in and started my own personal experiment and studied the profoud wisdom it holds about each of us invidiaully, it has only brought about more presence, joy and clarity in my life, business and relationships.

Now it’s a tool I’ve integrated in all the work I do with individuals and business owners.

Deeper Dives Into Human Design

Ready to dive into your chart?

Here’s what others are saying

about their HD Reading experience

“It’s so validating to who I’ve always been, but never celebrated fully.”

Where do I begin!? I’ve worked with Robert since early 2018, and I attribute a lot of the growth that has put me where I am in business today to the time I spent with him as my coach.
As I’ve grown in my business, I’ve reached a point where my personal growth needed more expansion to see more growth in business. I scheduled an HD call with Robert out of complete trust in the thoroughness I came to know in our time together during business coaching, and he delivered beyond my wildest dreams.
Everything that he shared with me about my chart was incredibly eye opening and delivered in a way that allowed me to digest and retain the information. There were so many moments where I sat back in my chair in total disbelief – everything felt so validating to the person I’ve always been, but never celebrated fully. tor
I cannot recommend booking a HD reading with Robert enough. The clarification on my chart (it’s totally confusing to start out on your own!) as well as the clarification on MYSELF is something I will value forever. I feel so much more aligned and empowered to live in harmony with myself instead of swimming upstream like I have in the past.
Thank you, Robert, for all of the time and effort you put into my chart and helping me understand my truest self!
3/5 Manifesting Generator

“It’s an energy rich experience I would highly recommend!”

Being an Xennial and a student of metaphysics for over twenty years, I was intensely curious about Human Design. Robert had a challenge on his hands with me, and he handled it beautifully. Let me explain…
I came to learn about human design from another spiritual teacher of mine, however her explanation, though interesting, was impractical for me to understand or to help me employ this as a tool for further integration, so I dove headlong into researching this new-to-me spiritual road map myself and was immediately inundated with information and data points. Still interested, but not drawn to it “enough” to continue study on my own, I contacted Robert.
I’m extremely discerning with who I allow into my energy. As someone who reads Western Astrology for other people, I know that once you hand over your birth details, this person has an intimate understanding of who you are. As such, trust is the linchpin. I immediately trusted Robert.
He not only broke down my entire HD chart, he did so with readiness of use in mind. I walked away with actionable understanding and more than that, he gave me greater context for the system and how it functions. Since I knew enough to be “dangerous”, I had so many questions, and interjected endlessly. Roberts kindness, patience, and willingness to hear me, and help me was what you want in a reader. The icing on top was the insane report that accompanied my reading. Such an amazing tool for reference afterwards and its really useful for further study!
Meaghan W.
1/3 Generator

“I wish I had acquired this information 20 years ago.”

I became interested in Human Design about a year prior to meeting Robert. I looked into it and planned on doing my own research, but when I tried it felt like an overwhelming amount of information. It was divine timing for Robert to show up with his wealth of knowledge. He has spent a vast amount of time learning this incredible system, studying under the top folks in the field. This was apparent to me the moment he showed me the profile he created for me. I can’t imagine the time that was spent in simply compiling my information.
Robert is an excellent teacher. He presented the information in bite size pieces and continually ensured that I understood what the information meant and that it resonated with me.
I’ve done years of talk therapy and somatic experiencing, I’ve studied psychology and astrology, eastern and western mysticism, and yoga. My practice is vast, but Human Design seems to take all of this information and look at it from the specific container that is me.
The best way I can summarize my experience is to say that it takes things that have been pathologized by the over-culture and helps me see them as my super powers. I understand why doing things in certain ways has made my life more difficult than it needed to be. I wish that I had acquired this information 20 years ago. Very grateful for all who have brought this lineage of study to me, especially Robert through his dedication to his own learning and compassionate delivery.
Sarah B.
1/3 Generator

Ready for a human design reading?

Here’s how it works

Step 1:
Schedule Your Reading
Grab a time slot for your reading and I’ll start building out an extensive and comprehensive break down of your Human Design chart so you have a personalized resource for further study going forward.
Step 2:
We’ll explore together
We’ll hang out for 2 hours together over Zoom and explore your design, layer by layer. I’ll answer all the questions that you have and we’ll make sure it all feels rclear so you can start to experiment in your life, work and relationships.
Step 3:
Experiment & Discover
As you start to experiment and bring awareness to your unique design, you’ll feel clarity around how to navgate life consciously, more soveriegn in who you are, and and empowered to create the change you want in life.

Reading + HD Field guide


What’s included:

Wanna know a little more?

Here’s some frequently asked questions

I'm new to human design, is a reading for me?

100% this is the best place to start, especially if you feel any overwhelm when you start researching your design. I did a reading early on as well in my journey and it was so incredibly beneficial to have someone share my entire chart and allow me the space to sit in the resonance of it all before I deepened my own personal studies.

What all do you cover in the field guide?

Your personalized field guide is a 60+ page in-depth breakdown of your Human Design chart. It goes through 9 areas of your chart including your Type, Strategy, Authority, Definition, Profile, Channels, Variables & your Incarnation Cross. I’ve also filled it with loads of Human Design knowledge to help educate you further on the system as a whole. This thing is pack full of gold.

will you make my chart simple to understand?

Unbelievably simple! I am really gifted at communicating complex things in a simple way so you can understand it and this is where having a reading done is a huge benefit because it gives us space to have more conversation and bring more real life examples into play with your chart.

Can i purchase just a field guide without a reading?

Yep. If spending a few hours with me, unpacking your design together, isn’t in alignment for you at this time, you can totally purchase a Field Guide on it’s own! This would be the same exact guide I would create for you if we were doing a reading. It’s a jammed pack educational guide that is custom designed specifically to you.

Can i book more than one session with you?

Of course! If going more in-depth into specific parts of your chart is something you’d like to do with me, we can set up more than one session. Once we get to the end of your reading, we can book the next call and I’ll even leave you with homework for in-between our calls.

Will we cover my entire hd chart in 2 hours?

Yes and No. We will be focusing on the most important parts and then hitting the main points on the rest. Your Human Design chart is insanely deep and it can feel like drinking from a fire hose when someone shares all of it at one time. I have found that being more intentional with less information makes a much bigger impact on you actually understanding your chart. Learning your chart is about integration far more than information.

How do i work with you ongoing after my reading?

I offer coaching for individuals who want continued support and I tie Human Design into all of my work. Let me know that you’re looking for this at the end of your reading or feel free to click over to the contact page here on my site!

What if i don't know my exact birth time?

Knowing your exact birth time does matter greatly however it’s not the end of the world if you don’t know. There are ways to discover it through your chart however I would try to be as close to the minute as you can if you don’t know the exact time. That will give us a great starting point to determine the closest exact birth time. Also, you can typically find your exact time of birth via your birth certificate.

Is robert certified in human design?

Yes I am! I have studied under multiple people but have been certified as a Traditional and Quantum Human Design Guide under Karen Curry Parker. Karen actually worked side by side with Ra Uru Hu (the founder of Human Design) in the early 90’s when the system was first coming about.

Your experience matters

So here’s a few more words

From other creatives just like you

“The depth of insight was remarkable”

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Human Design reading with Robert. I wanted a reading to gain a better understanding of my self in hopes to grow stronger in my personal and professional life. The depth of insight and clarity that I gained about myself was remarkable. I look forward to being able to use what I have received from Robert and explore even deeper.
The information I received left me feeling empowered and inspired. My reading provided me with valuable guidance and practical strategies to align my life with my authentic self, promoting a sense of self-acceptance and embracing my true potential personally and professionally. I highly recommend you connect with Robert!
Briana M.
2/4 Projector

“this brought me focus in my search for growth”

I am about a year into an intense self growth and understanding journey/midlife crisis, heavily focused on finding who I am outside of my relationships and what brings me joy. I came to this process looking for insight, actionable items, and maybe just a dash of mysticism.
I spent several hours with Robert – laughing, crying, loud, silent, breathing deep, and breathless. He did a stellar job breaking everything down slowly, with steps and layers that made sense, returning to each and expanding on them as they needed. He allotted time to sit with information, ask question, and encouraged conversation. The information was a lot, sometimes overwhelming, but never so much that I couldn’t be brought back from the brink and into understanding again.
This call helped me guide my journaling and it has brought me focus in my search for growth.
Brian S.
6/2 Projector

“immensely revelatory & Healing!”

The experience of exploring my Human Design chart with you has been immensely revelatory and healing!! For so much of my nature to be seen feels like such a gift! It is very clear that you love and are devoted to translating such a complex system in a way folks can easily understand.
I really appreciate the space you gave for listening and also, the personal formating you arranged on the visual files for continued study is truly a treasure in and of its self. Its been an honor to work with you.”
Leta D.
6/2 Projector

I was born this way

Has never been so true