Scott & Jared

Mount Hood Engagement

From the moment I connected with Scott & Jared, I knew we were going to create something fun together and after hearing about how much they loved the outdoors and specifically, spending their free time up on Mount Hood, I knew the perfect place for their shoot.

Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain has been a go-to hike for me ever since I moved back to the Northwest. With 360º views of the Cascade Mountains and killer views of Mount Hood, Adams, Rainier, Helens, and Jefferson, this hike provides so much diversity to play with when it comes to an engagement shoot or an elopement.

And, it’s optimal for those days when you are craving a hike but you may not be up for a crazy long one. At 8.2 miles and 1700′ of elevation gain, “TDH” can be hiked as an out-and-back trail from Mirror Lake Trailhead or you can continue from the top and loop your way over to Skyline Drive in the Ski Bowl Resort area and hike down the switchbacks on the slopes. If you don’t want to go all the way to the summit of Tom, Dick and Harry, you can stop at Mirror Lake and do simple 4.2 mile out-and-back hike with only 672ft of elevation gain.

I’ve done this hike countless times and been at the top for sunrise, sunset, in a storm and in the snow and it never gets old. I’ve taught photography workshops up here and even cowboy camped on the summit in the dead of winter! It’s also the perfect hike to take your friends or family on who are visiting the Northwest and want to have an easy hike with incredible views.

As a little secret, if you strap some river tubes to your pack and hike them up the short 2 miles to Mirror Lake in the summer time, you’ve got a wildly relaxing float awaiting you with a stunning view of Mount Hood across the lake. Take a picnic, bring a book and if you feel so inclined, snag one of the first come first serve campsites around the lake for a real good weekend in the mountains.

No matter the season, this hike is a must see, especially if you’ve got friends as fun and joyful as Scott & Jared.