Vanessa & Cody

California Coast Engagement

When I first started my journey of working with couples, I simply offered photoshoots. The mentality I saw often around this was, “We’re engaged and we want to tell the world so let’s go out and take some fun photos that look like ideas we stole from someones Pinterest board and then we can post them all over social media and let everyone know the big news!”

The longer I lead my work like this, the more it evolved simply because I wanted more and I realized in time, my couples wanted so much more too.

I believe every couples session, whether it is an engagement, anniversary or just having photos done because you love being captured together, should be an adventure. When you go out to somewhere truly inspiring, that energy plays into the session and you see it in the images. With every shoot I do, I’m highly involved with my couples on location, wardrobe, weather, lighting, timing, etc. because they all play a part in coming out with the type of images you see here.

It’s no longer about going to a pretty place just to get photos done and instead it’s an opportunity to take an adventure, putting yourself in the way of an epic story and intending for a memorable experience that you will look back on because it impacted you both in a meaningful way.

My work is 100% about creating these experiences because I want to create something that is in some ways, big or small, is transformational rather than transactional.

That’s part of why I love the little journey I went on with Vanessa & Cody for their engagement session.

Cody grew up in the deep south of Louisiana and Vanessa spent her childhood in the Marin Headlands of the Bay Area. Being that they live in San Fransisco, we all agreed that a Marin Headlands Engagement Session would be the perfect contrast to their wedding that I flew down for and captured later in the year in the heart of the New Orleans French Quarter.

Here’s a few of my favorite frames from their session that I feel truly revealed the tenderness of their relationship amidst the stunning golden hues of the breezy California Coast.