Taleyshka & Joshua

Puerto Rico Workshop

I have always felt drawn to working with models (what photographer hasn’t?) however I have never once worked with actual models before though Taleyshka & Joshua felt like they were.

I was asked to speak and host a live shoot at Photo Rehab, a photography conference held in Puerto Rico, and my time with Taleyshka & Joshua was so much fun. What you don’t see in these images is the 10 other photographers surrounding me and I absolutely love getting to teach, share and lead couples with a group of other photographers building their portfolio’s.

I think it’s easy to take photography for granted once you are years in and forget that starting out is not easy. Getting enough work to sustain you and help you slowly master your craft is something that I have found requires a lot of intention with every single shoot. The journey is unending to creating more work that is a reflection of you while also authentically capturing and shining light on who the couple is.

Taleyshka & Joshua are both having significant followings on Instagram and they were willing to come for a couple of shoots during the workshop. The inspiration around this shoot was of course the surf board and trying to capture a romantic afternoon surfing on a private beach. I’ve been to Puerto Rico several times now for elopements and shoots and every time, I am blown away at the beauty this island holds.