If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably looked up your Human Design Bodygraph online somewhere and you may now be wide eyed wondering what the heck all these shapes and lines mean! In this blog, I’m going to be unpacking exactly what to focus on first and also sharing the only 3 things you need to know when exploring your unique blueprint.

If you haven’t looked up your Human Design chart yet, check out my post on What Human Design Is & How It Works, as I’ve included a link on how to gain free access to your chart and some personal thoughts and information that will be helpful as you start to dive into your design.

Before I get into the specifics of where to start with your Human Design, I want to share something that will be wildly valuable as you dive into your chart.

Human Design can be a very “heady” system and if it does not resonate immediately, there’s two things I would recommend. The first would be to stick with it, explore a little deeper and be on the lookout for different people sharing about it. I have personally found that who you learn from has a very big effect on the way you take in the information and sometimes just looking up random things online may not stick initially. When I first really started to learn my design, it was through working with a Conscious Rebirthing Breathwork Guide who slowly shared my design with me, one piece at a time, based on what I was struggling with in my life and business at the time. I’ve found that if you are looking up information for the sake of information, like most do when they first hear of Human Design, it only sticks so much. When you have a reason for something, it changes the game entirely for how you retain it because you can actually apply the information to something in life and start practicing with it.

The second thing I would recommend, if it doesn’t resonate overtime, is to look into HD’s “sister” system, the Gene Keys. Whereas Human Design is a more heady, analytical, masculine approach to understanding your energy, the Gene Keys brings a far more feminine approach. I have worked with a lot of women who have found the Gene Keys to be more resonate at first in their journey of understanding their energy and I personally have found that the two systems, which are pretty much the same knowledge looked at from different perspectives, compliment each other beautifully. The further I have gotten in my Human Design experiment, the more I have looked to the Gene Keys for deeper contemplation. I’ll be sharing a lot more on the Gene Keys going forward as well because I find both are deeply valuable as you explore each respective system.

And I share this with you because, knowing that Human Design is the yang to the Gene Keys yin, what can be easy to do when diving into your design is to simply learn the information yet never touch the integration of it. And in doing that, you will never truly understand or embody your design and step into your authentic self because it will all live in your head rather than in your body. It will continue to be a fantasy in your mind rather than a lived experience in your everyday life.

You can take in all the information that HD has to share but integration is the key.

Part of why I have found so much resonance with Human Design is because it has given me a path for my head to feel satisfied in taking in information while simultaneously assisting me on getting more in my body. As someone who has spent most of my life being a chronic over-thinker and deeply analytical person (I have both a defined Head & Ajna), this system has helped me shift more into my body and realize that the expansion of consciousness is not based off of what you learn or know but 100% on how you apply that knowledge and intellect in your life.

So take in the information but focus on integration.

Ok, now where do you start once you have looked up your chart?

When you look up your design, you will always be shown your Bodygraph (an image of your 9 energy centers with the gates and channels that connect them) and your Keynotes.

The Keynotes typically show the very basics of your chart which include your Energy (Aura) Type, your Strategy, your Authority, your Definition, and your Profile.

Even this is more information than you actually need, though your Definition and Profile are a lot of fun (and often mind-blowing) to explore. These play a big role in your relationship to others and the archetypes or characters you are here to play out, consciously and unconsciously, in this lifetime.

Something that I find to be so profoundly beautiful about this journey is that you don’t have to learn your entire design, study for years, or get into the depths of every center, gate, channel, variable or substructure. You simply need to know, embody and practice 3 key things: your type, your strategy and authority.

And that’s it! If you focus on those 3 things, you will experience far more alignment and eventually ease in your life.

What may not be “easeful” is actually practicing these things, because again, we are conditioned to be mental and live from our heads where as these 3 keys will bring you into your body. The challenge is not in the information but in the integration because that’s where we are breaking free from our conditioned selves and tearing down the walls of who we have been made to believe we “should be” rather than live in accordance to how our unique energy actually works.

What’s even crazier is that by practicing and integrating these 3 keys – your type, strategy and authority – everything else that is revealed in your chart will come to life, even if you aren’t aware of it. That’s how simple this can be and going deeper is a journey I’d only recommend if you feel drawn to go deeper.

So let’s get even more tangible so you can feel crazy clear about how to respond to all of this.

Go look up your chart, find your Type, Strategy & Authority and start researching. Read blogs, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and search social media for all the things you can find on your 3 Keys. Keep what you learn in the back of your head, be curious about it, look for it and watch what arises in your everyday life. It’s a trip!

Growing up, I was always enthralled by the idea of treasure hunters. I loved adventure movies and video games that lead you on a hunt to find things that were once hidden and I love to think of Human Design like a hunt for treasure.

You are given the map and you are handed 3 keys. Now your journey is just simply discovering where to use those 3 keys in your everyday life. Observing life play out in front of you and watching the show unfold. As you do, you slowly collect the treasure, one piece at a time. You’ll know you are finding the treasure when you are feeling consistently like yourself, not falling into unconscious patterns that have been conditioned into you, and seeing what beauty you create with your life from a place of being truly yourself rather than from a fear-based place of doing like you’ve been taught.

And that’s it! That’s the basics to get you started on your personal experiment.

If you at any point decide you want to go deeper into your design with me, I’d love to do an Human Design session with you! Click here to see what all is included with my HD Sessions and to book a time with me in the weeks ahead.