Over the years of working with multiple coaches and in my experience of coaching thousands of other entrepreneurs myself, I’ve discovered a few important things to help you make the most out of every single one of your coaching calls with me and start to create a huge transformation in your life. 

Working with a coach can radically transform your life because a great coach is going to help you take greater responsibility for your life and support you in becoming a greater self leader in all areas of your life.

I focus my style of coaching towards two areas: Business and Being. “Being” meaning presence and helping you live a more authentic and aligned life where you are deeply connected to yourself and in turn, others. That typically looks like working with people in the areas of creating greater relationships, gaining more energy, and dealing with personal challenges around self worth.

In business, I help translate those very personal things into an authentic brand and marketing message so you can attract and create the type of clients you really wish to work with while also dialing in the back end systems and helping you craft signature offerings that energize you and give you the confidence to want to share them with your audience.

I feel drawn to these areas of coaching because I believe that building a business is the greatest way to experience personal freedom, infinite fulfillment, financial abundance, and ever expanding joy in using what lights you up to serve others in deeply impactful ways. For these things to truly happen in your life, you must thrive on a personal level outside of your work. It’s not that one has to happen before the other but they both happen simultaneously and as you confront your business problems, the personal problems underlying them emerge. That’s where the work lies.

My journey of becoming a coach started when I realized this and ever since, I’ve been focused on expanding my own consciousness so that I can experience life in the greatest way I can imagine. You experience life at the level of consciousness you hold. If you want more out of life, you have to level up your self awareness so that you can have what also lives on that level.

You may think you don’t know what to do next in your business, in your life or in your relationships, but in reality, you feel stuck because you aren’t tapped into and living in alignment with the version of yourself you wish to be. This is where self responsibility and self leadership comes in. The more responsibility you take for your life and the better you lead yourself moment by moment, the more you will create what you desire rather than get caught being a victim of your circumstances.

Some of these “tips” may seem simple but it’s how well we lead ourselves in the simple things that make the biggest impact on the bigger things.

Knowing these before going into a coaching call can make all the difference in the results you walk away with because the magic in coaching comes not only from what happens during a call but also from what takes place before and after the call.

So here we go!

6 Simple Tips to Help You Have A Powerful & Transformative Coaching Experience

1. Get A Good Nights Sleep

This may seem simple or basic, but it can be profound. The older I get, the more I realize how incredibly valuable sleep is and the power it has on my energy throughout the day. Coaching helps you expand your self awareness and that involves understanding and being conscious of your energy.

How we lead ourselves the night before a coaching call (and everyday for that matter) plays a huge role in how we show up tomorrow. A great night’s sleep helps us show up fully in our power (energized) so make a plan that allows you to come to our call rested, recharged and ready to co-create some magic together.

2. Wake Up & Get Inspired

There’s a quote that has always stuck with me. “You’re not tired, you’re uninspired.”

That can be a triggering thought for some but it lands deep for me and in my experience, it’s been consistently true. Our inspiration is a reflection of our level of consciousness and a skill we can gor by being intentional doing the things that make us feel the way we want to feel.

The day before a coaching call, take some time to consider how you spend your mornings and choose to consciously create your next morning by waking up and doing the things that you know will inspire you.

I personally love having a lot of time in the mornings to myself before I give anything to others. My typical mornings consist of moving my body (yoga, weight lifting, and hiking are my go to’s), breathwork and meditation, journaling, eating a healthy meal and enjoying a cup of tea while reading the latest book I’m obsessed with. Serving yourself first will fill your cup so that you can show up and serve others with the rest of your day.

3. Set Intentions For Our Call

As soon as you get a coaching call on your calendar, immediately block off another 20-30 minute time slot on your calendar well before our call to get grounded and review what you’d love to walk away from our call with.

Be hungry for growth. Be aware about where you feel stuck.

What’s the bottleneck in your life or business right now?
What is holding you back?
How have you been feeling lately and how do you want to feel going forward?
What clarity do you want to walk away with?

Setting this time aside is key because you being clear will help you get to even greater levels of clarity in your call. If you haven’t lead yourself well coming into the call, part of our session may be focused on gaining that clarity so we know which direction we want to work in.

Another tip is to block off 10-15 minutes just before our call starts so that you can review these intentions and not feel rushed going into your session. Part of why your business may not be where you want it to be is in part because you aren’t adding any breathing room to anything in your life. Create some space, it makes a huge difference.

4. Choose A Quiet Space

You hearing clearly what’s going on inside of you is key to a transformational coaching call. Choosing a quiet outer world place will create a quiet inner world space to help you think, feel and navigate effectively during our time together.

Having headphones for our call can be a small but simple way to quiet the outer world a little more.

5. Turn off the world

Distractions take us away from the present moment so make sure to silence your phone or put it in another room and close down the thousands of tabs we as creatives love to have up on our computers.

Distractions are inevitable in life however consciously creating an intentional space for your growth is great leadership and that involves eliminating them beforehand. Again, you are the creator of your reality.

6. Schedule Time To Integrate

Integration is the most important step in all of this. Even if you weren’t able to lead yourself well before our call, applying what insights you gained during our call will make all the difference in your life going forward.

Block off time on your calendar after our call to revisit what we explored together. Maybe this will be the time to rewatch or listen back through our call, journal about what came up, do some breathwork or meditate, have a conversation with someone you feel safe with or build an action plan so you can more deeply integrate your insights into your life.

Integrating is taking what lives in your mind and transferring it into your body. It is making your experience tangible and transformation ultimately comes not from a mind shift but an action shift.

Being a Self Leader

Experiencing transformation in your life and business is all about you developing greater self leadership, taking deeper self responsibility for every part of your experience in this life and creating the change you want to see.

Coaching is a powerful tool in that journey and you taking responsibility for the role you play in your transformation is key to bringing it about.