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I believe the quality of our lives has nothing to do with the quantity of our possessions and this has lead me to craft a minimalist lifestyle, a constant search for adventure, and a pursuit of growth and self-discovery everyday. I owe most of who I have become in this life to my wife and our marriage. She has changed my world with her brilliancy, strength, and overwhelming support for others. We fell in love adventuring together and after we married in 2012, our lives changed in a dramatic and unexpected way. In our first year of marriage, we sold everything and went from smalltown dwellers to world travelers as I photographed weddings across the globe. I didn’t grow up very educated and I had a very limited mindset. Immersing deep into other cultures shifted my thoughts, perspectives, beliefs and opened me to realizing the infinite beauty every human holds and how we all have so much more to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

Several years later, life fell apart for us. My business was at it’s “best” but our marriage was at it’s worst because of the lack of intention I put forth in it. I found myself learning from my failures and becoming more aware that marriage and life lived in balance creates a space for your relationships to flourish. I understand how that balance can be disrupted amidst wedding planning and how strained your life can become. I’ve experienced the anxiety you may feel in searching for a photographer you believe you can trust to deliver images you will cherish. I’m here for more than one day of shooting and I’ve crafted a wedding photography experience that will give you more than just digital files. I’m here to help you preserve a visual representation of your true selves in this season so you can share a greater depth of your life with your future family.



About Robert

I am above all a creative. Although “photographer” assumes the spot as my “title” most of the time I am so much more than a label. My brilliant wife Emily and I call the Pacific Northwest home with our dog and cat whom we consider our children. Traveling fuels both of our souls so aside from jumping around the country for work, we find time every year to get away on our own to a new place in the world. Insanely early mornings are my favorite time of the day, especially for hiking to a mountaintop for sunrise or for foraging mushrooms or other edibles around Oregon. Emily and I practice yoga regularly and as an artist, I am also the designer, developer, filmmaker and animator behind my brand. My deepest passion next to simply creating is elevating others in their businesses and helping them build sustainable and ethical brands that allow them to live better lives and run more profitable ventures.

There so much more to booking a photographer than having similar hobbies in common and if you resonate with my work and with what you’ve read above, I’d love to talk more with you about the intimate wedding or elopement you may be planning in the Pacific Northwest or in another part of the world. Start the conversation by clicking here.

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