I’ve had so many paradigm shifts, so many breakthroughs, and so many internal quantum leaps this year and they all came from one realization…

The brain (mind) is a reflection of the body and the body is a reflection of the breath.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said the words “mindset is everything” throughout my life. This was the year I realized how wrong I’ve been. It seems the more I decondition myself, the more I see that this idea permeates our world and causes us to live in a constant loop of mental chaos because we think we can think our problems away.

Abundance is not something you can think your way into, it’s not a mindset you SHOULD have. It’s a mindset that you experience as the byproduct of taking action towards creating more expansion in your life.

Abundance is what’s left when you are no longer blocked by the past and you can live more expansively in the present now.

Abundance is a reflection of your breath.

If you can’t breathe abundantly, you can’t live abundantly.

Change your breath.
Change your body.
Change your brain.
Change your business.

Here are 9 insights on abundance I learned this last year that may help you experience more of it in 2023.

•Abundance is the byproduct of a regulated nervous system.

•Abundance is the byproduct of consciously living into your values.

•Abundance is the byproduct of emotionally processing your trauma.

•Abundance is the byproduct of living as your most authentic self.

•Abundance is the byproduct of living in alignment with your energetic design.

•Abundance is the byproduct of discovering and living out your life’s purpose.

•Abundance is the byproduct of integrating your inner child pain body.

•Abundance is the byproduct of letting go of what no longer serves you.

•Abundance is not something you THINK your way into. It’s something you FEEL your way into.

I hope 2023 is your best year yet and here’s to living and feeling more abundance in our everyday.