Sam & Brian


What an absolutely unbelievable week.

Sam & Brian’s Elopement Vow Renewal in Scotland was an insane highlight of my nearly two decades as a photographer. I didn’t know that I could feel this inspired and in a lot of ways, this week changed a lot of my approach to what I’m working towards in my work and the experience I craft for couples.

From the locations to the landscape and the wardrobe to the presence, these two are absolute powerhouses who are willing to face any storm that comes their way.

In preparing for this week together, Sam put together an incredible itinerary though when the time came to board our planes, that unpredictable October Scotland weather rolled in and  forced us to change everything on the fly.

I love the elements and the role weather plays in my work. I crave otherworldly landscapes, dynamic weather and dramatic light. It adds to the adventure. It makes you work a little harder for something and reveals what it means to truly live. I love how the elements force flexibility is always reminding us how we are not in control, yet if we let go and flow, magic can happen.

Most of the plans we came into this week with didn’t happen and we all felt at some point that “Oh s#!t” moment around the possibility that we may not be able to shoot much at all due to how intense mother natures wrath was, but with such perfection I can’t explain, the weather cleared up for just a couple hours each time we wanted to shoot. From the Isle of Sky to Mingary Castle down in Kilchoan and then to the Glenfinnan Viaduct and up to Inverness and Loch Ness, this week was one I will never forget.

Sam & Brian brought along their good friends Meghan of Black Fern Beauty Co. and her partner Pete and by the end of the week, we all felt like family. I believe your elopement or small wedding should leave you with an absolutely epic story you’ll want to tell for the rest of your lives and Sam & Brian’s did just that.

This was my first time to Scotland and a lot of my lineage ties back to the Highlander clans of McKay and Macintosh so this didn’t feel just like another trip but it felt in a lot of ways like coming home.