Laura & Ryan

San Juan Islands Engagement Session

Laura & Ryan’s San Juan Islands cozy cabin engagement session is proof that adventure can mean something different to everyone. I’m not going to lie, I typically lean towards more extreme style adventure but this weekend getaway on Decatur Island at Laura and Ryan’s family getaway cabin was so refreshing.

Imagine the warmth of the summer sun pouring in, a scratchy record reverberating the tones of Fleetwood Mac through the family room. The smell of fresh coffee or Ryan’s favorite ramen cooking on the stove with the view of an old growth forest through windows that framed a fireplace and a wall of their family library that begged you to grab a book off the shelf and cozy up on the couch under a blanket to read about mushrooms, the history of the Northwest or some kind of self reflective teaching from the ancients. If Decatur Islands private locals only community wasn’t enough, this cabin did a number on me. I could move here and disappear from the world forever.

Laura and Ryan met in a rock climbing class and how they describe Laura coming over the top of the cliff and locking eyes with Ryan as he reached his hand out to help her up, is the story that I think any romantic would love to have when first meeting their partner. We considered doing a more intense adventure style session but settled on Decatur as it offered a lot of diversity in our weekend getaway.

We started the weekend off meeting near Anacortes, Washington and doing a small hike at sunrise before driving to the marina and jumping on a boat destined for Decatur Island. We relaxed around the house explored a little bit of the island throughout the day and then ventured out for a sunset shoot through their neighbors properties until we came to a field overlooking the San Juan islands that delivered unbelievable light and views of the final hours of the day. The hike back to the cabin at twilight was so incredibly peaceful and the following dinner we made alongside a bottle of wine was the cherry on top.

The next morning we planned a sunrise shoot along the beach and hiked out to one of their favorite spots they like to slip away to when their entire family is spending a week at the cabin together. I think every engagement session is different and this one reminded me how beautiful it can be to not run away to the highest mountain but instead to revel in the most meaningful place in you and your families life, because those kind of photos may hold more stories than you can possibly tell, even much later in life.