Your whole life, you’ve been told who you are.

As we grow up, we are naturally conditioned by other people’s values, virtues and viewpoints. We buy into belief systems, societal moral codes and cultural preferences that cause us to never truly discover who we were born to be.

If you are reading this, you probably own your own business, and by choosing to be an entrepreneur, you’ve really chosen to go on a journey of discovering yourself.

The more you understand and own who you uniquely are, the more fulfillment you will feel, the more financial abundance you will live into and the more freedom you will experience.

Freedom is not something that comes from the outside in but rather it’s the other way around.

When you align with your internal beingness, it unlocks an external doingness that leads to the life you truly desire.

So who are you? Above all, you always get the final say. However what’s fascinating about the day and age we live in is that there are so many tools and so much knowledge now to help you understand more of yourself.

Something that I have found to be wildly profound and powerful in my own journey of understanding myself is that every single individual on the planet actually has a unique energetic blueprint or design.

Understanding this design helps you lead your life more purposefully and intentionally and it unlocks endless joy, fulfillment, confidence and inner peace.


The flip side however, is that as we grow up and experience trauma and conditioning we become wired and trained to live out of alignment with our unique energetic blueprint which negatively impacts our life, relationships and business and causes unnecessary chaos.

Like a hamster on a wheel, this chaos causes us to continually spiral through habitual patterns that keep us from attaining what we truly want our life to be like.

I’ve been on this journey a while now and have experimented with a lot of the personal development world.

I’ve read countless books, studied psychology, integrated trauma, gathered tools, practiced breathwork, attended silent meditation retreats, went on a walkabout in the woods for months, used plant medicine, worked with coaches, guides and therapists while continuously deep diving different spiritual and scientific practices, beliefs and ideologies.

I’ve swung from being deeply religious in the bible belt to full on west coast weed smokin woo-woo for a season, all the while gaining wisdom through each experience as I have found what works and what doesn’t for my life.

What I’ve realized through all of it is that the more you open your mind and unlearn what you have learned, the more you lead with who you were born to be. And that is the secret sauce to you gaining true success in your life.

But how do you “unlearn”?

I remember the first time I heard this. It was like an old monk quote that made little sense to me.

Unlearning is the act of deconditioning. It’s the process of shifting out of who you were told to be and into who you were born to be.

Unlearning is often an uncomfortable journey though because for the most part, it almost always comes through failing. We don’t learn much of anything from our successes but we radically change our life when we integrate the lessons and insights we gain from our mistakes.

So what if there was a way we could somewhat get ahead of these failures and shortcomings?

Not in an attempt to avoid failure (that’s a beautiful part of life) but rather to shift our perspective on it and be more intentional with our choices and what we invest our time, energy and resources into?

What if you could get a full picture of your strengths while simultaneously seeing your weaknesses? How much different would your life be if you didn’t beat yourself up for your shortcomings but in knowing them, you actually found more compassion for yourself?

This is the beauty of what Human Design reveals.

If you’ve never heard of Human Design, buckle up, because it’s a wild ride that may blow your mind and help you see yourself in such a more clear and compassionate light.

Human Design is a system that came about in 1987 by a man known as Ra Uru Hu and it serves as a synthesis of multiple ancient and modern sciences including Eastern/Western Astrology, the Judaic Kabbalah, the Yoga Chakra System, the Chinese iChing and Quantum Physics.

Together these systems combined with the data of your exact birth time, date and location create what’s known as your Bodygraph.

This is the map of you, how your energy works and it unpacks how you best interact with others and the world outside you.

This is not just another personality test but rather an in-depth blueprint for the fixed energetic mechanics of you as a human being.

What I love most about Human Design is that it’s not some dogma, belief system or woo-woo ritual you should blindly believe or buy into.
Rather, it was created to be a personal experiment and one that you navigate and play with based on your own felt experience. And it’s back by both science and spirituality.

Ready to see your personal chart? Head over to and create a free chart.

Then check out my next post for how to start understand the basics of your chart.

For me, I’ve been blown away at the depth of resonance I feel towards it all and the deeper I go in my understanding, the more I see my life and business changing for the better. As I’ve started using this system with coaching clients of mine, it’s been insane to see how much faster the breakthroughs come, how much clearer they get about what they want in life and how much confidence they walk away with because of how much more they can own who they are.

I believe that tools like this are such a beautiful gift for the era we are living through. A thriving global community is built by thriving individuals and we thrive as individuals by fully embodying every bit of who we are, by owning our story, our strengths and our setbacks and feeling empowered to build a sustainable life in alignment with who we were born to be.