Embracing Mini-Retirements for Financial and Emotional Freedom

Mini-retirements. This is a term from Tim Ferris that speaks to how most people work their whole lives to get to the idealized age of “retirement” so that they can finally stop working and finally start chasing their actual dreams. I hadn’t heard of this term when I decided to take a break from my business and working for a season but it’s one that I’m anchored to now. I’ve personally found it so easy to be in constant growth, constant expansion and “leveling up” and though I love doing these things, my sabbatical showed me what else life has to offer outside of the constant grind.

I find that the paradox to “retirement” is that most people commit their lives to a job they aren’t actually inspired by all with the focus of getting to the end of the road so they can relax and by the time they get there, do they still have the body and mind that can go do all the things they deeply wanted to do in their younger years? I’m not sure but I personally really like the idea of building my business in a sustainable way so that I can take the time to do the things I deeply desire now while I can.

My friend Erin invited me on her podcast recently to talk more in depth about this topic and about my journey of taking a sabbatical and chasing after some dreams of mine that had nothing to do with making money. We dive into topics such as mindset, nervous system regulation, human design and what I learned by taking a step away and doing things opposite than what the world tells you to do.

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