One of the biggest questions I’ve gotten over the years of being in my own personal Human Design experiment as well as sharing it with others is, “How did you find Human Design?”

Because of how many times this has come up, I felt compelled to share my journey in a bit more detail. In short, I can’t say that I found Human Design but rather, it feels as if the HD system had a target on me and sought me out relentlessly over a decade before I finally felt resonance with it. It’s taken time to be able to put this into words, however, my lack of resonance with Human Design was not because I intentionally explored it and decided it wasn’t for me, instead, I realized that I didn’t have the capacity, presence or awareness for it each time it tried to come into my life.

The first time I heard the words “Human Design”, it was from my wife Emily’s lips as she handed me a book about it in 2014 and told me that she felt it would probably be something I was interested in. The degree at which my wife just knows shit, especially way in advanced, is mind boggling to me (and we later learned that it’s a big part of her unique design).

When I opened the book, I felt completely overwhelmed at the information and decided in that moment that it wasn’t for me, or at least for now.

In the years to follow, the words Human Design popped up in my path a few times or I’d here them off in a conversation between people in the various yoga and meditation communities I’ve been a part of. It was on the fringe of my mind but still not something I felt drawn to explore.

Then in 2019, I was on my way to my first 10-day Vipassana Course in the South of Italy. I had been in the country teaching a workshop and photographing a wedding and planned some extra time to attend a course and learn this ancient form of meditation. Being that I was a few days out from the course, I decided to take my time driving down the country and explore several areas along the way. After leaving Chianti, I needed a place to stay for the night and being that I am a Line 3 rather than a Line 1 (this basically means that I always jump into the deep end of life without doing much research and I learn from what follows, good or bad), I just quickly chose an airbnb without much research and started heading towards the mountains of Riparbella.

When I look back now, with my knowledge of Human Design, it blows my mind that life work so synchronistically.

When I arrived at my Tuscan Farmhouse BnB for the evening, I learned that it used to be a Buddhist Center for meditators due to the quality of silence and purity of air in the region. How wild that of all places, I was drawn to this one while on my way down to my 10-day silent meditation course. I also realized upon arriving that this place was more like a villa with multiple guests staying in different rooms and that they held events and retreats on occasion.

By the way, if you’re ever in Riparbella, here’s the link to the Airbnb, <a href=”″>Casale Pundarika</a>. I can’t recommend it enough.

That evening, I went out for pizza and spent several hours with the owners of the villa who were unbelievably kind and wildly down-to-earth humans. I mean, how can you not be if you live in an old Buddhist Center in the mountains? They shared with me that there was a woman staying in one of the rooms that evening who did a small class earlier in the day that blew everyone’s mind. My curiosity was piqued and I was told that the next day there’d be a yoga class and that afterwards, this woman was going to be doing some breakouts.

I had little information but I was open enough to just go with the flow so the next morning, I went to yoga and afterwards I was a part of some group exercises that I learned were part of what’s known as Family Constellations. This is a therapeutic method of revealing generational family patterns that are unconscious and in turn, creating pain in families. It was pretty wild to say the least. Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to meet this mysterious woman, named Noemi, and a short conversation turned into me deciding to do a 2-hour long conscious breathwork session with her an hour later. Again, at this point, I had no clue what I was getting myself into and knew none of this language, I was just open and moving with what felt right.

Those 2 hours with Noemi were unbelievably transformative in helping me process something I had been wrestling with for a long time in regards to my Mom that I didn’t even realize was playing out in my life. After our session she asked for my birth details and long and behold, the pulled up my Human Design Chart! A random not thought out decision to book an airbnb at a random villa in the hills of somewhere I didn’t even know existed brought me back around this crazy system. She shared a few things, that honestly I don’t even remember, and yet again, I left intrigued but feeling like it still wasn’t time for me to deep dive more of Human Design. I did however, download an HD app and started collecting my friends and families charts. Looking back, I’m not sure why I did this since I couldn’t really share anything about it…

Fast forward 3 years. I had just finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada and integrating back into society after living for 6 months in the mountains became a far bigger challenge than I had expected for it to be. After weeks of struggling, I knew I needed some support and started considering therapists. With no real direction to go, it dawned on me that maybe, somehow, the universe showed me the direction I needed to go 3 years prior in the mountains of Italy. I reached out to Noemi and immediately started doing Conscious Rebirthing Breathwork weekly. This was a mix of somatic and integrative therapy that lead me to working through trauma I had experienced as a kid and rekindling a relationship with my inner child. Throughout the weeks and months of doing this work, life got clearer, I became far more aware and in each session, Noemi helped me start to understand my unique Human Design. Once it clicked, my mind split open, seeing life in a whole new light.

If there’s one thing I find that Human Design does, is that it helps you learn to fully own who you are while simultaneously learning how to respect people for who they uniquely are without putting your past wounds, reactions, and projections on them.

It was at that point I realized that Human Design was a missing puzzle piece I had been searching for for years. Human Design chase me down, literally across the world, and it wasn’t until I started healing some deep inner world wounds that I gained the capacity to actually understand it. I went on to deep dive what I could online from blogs to videos and eventually decided to go all-in and get Certified as a Quantum Human Design Guide through Karen Curry Parker’s certification program. The next mind blowing moment was when I realized after signing up for the certification program that Karen was the author of the book that Emily had handed to me a decade prior.

There’s many moments in my life that have stunned me and this was one of them. Human Design is a wild and in a lot of ways, mysterious system. I feel it invites those who are open minded and open hearted into it’s teachings as it helps you no longer live your life from your head but instead from the wisdom and intelligence of your body and from who you uniquely are. I can’t say I found Human Design but somehow, it found me and brought clarity to so many questions that nothing else seemed to answer for me about this life. I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned but more importantly, for who I have become in my own personal experiment with this ancient system and if you ever want to explore deeper into your own design, I’d love to support you.You can learn more about my Human Design offering by clicking here.