So you heard about this thing called Human Design and you decided to look into it, eh? Maybe you’ve looked up your chart on an app or website and felt completely overwhelmed at what you are looking at.

If that’s you, don’t worry. I’ve been there myself and I’m here to make that overwhelm feel like a much more comfortable and fun level of whelm!

Note: If you haven’t looked up your chart yet, I’ll include a few links at the bottom of this post for you to see your chart but for now, read on and stick around til the end!

I’m going to breakdown the basics of what Human Design is and how it works here so you can start to understand this deeply profound system and in turn, start to uncover what is often difficult to discover about yourself and your unique journey in this lifetime.

I’m going to be giving you my own thoughts and perspectives based on my personal Human Design experiment here as well as share some more general knowledge so you are more equipped going forward.

Ok, let’s dive in!


First off, it’s important to say that Human Design is not some dogmatic or religious belief system. It’s completely agnostic and as someone who grew up in religion and then had a wild and very challenging personal awakening in my mid-twenties, it has been a breath of fresh air to find such an in-depth tool for the expansion of consciousness that doesn’t tell you what to believe, but rather gives you an opportunity to simply feel through your own experience and decide for yourself how resonate it is.

You never need to “believe in” Human Design, and I tell everyone to be skeptical yet open minded about it, because in my opinion, we’ve been duped too many times as a society. Some people can feel that this is a challenging concept to grasp yet in my experience, it’s very normal and here’s why… 

Most of our lives, we’ve been told to “believe in” something in order to get something or achieve something, however this philosophy is not meant to be “believed” but rather it’s meant to be experienced and experimented with. The validity of any of the information is based on your own felt-perception of that information. Though we can often be conditioned to “believe” something on a mental level, belief is actually based on experience and it’s wildly unfortunate that some beliefs that our culture mentally drills into people teaches them to not go out and explore new experiences because they are “wrong”, “bad” or even “sinful”.

Experiences build belief. Period. In a culture that is conditioned to live in the mind, it’s no wonder why there’s such wild beliefs out there that aren’t rooted in reality.

And with that, I will simply say, you are the only one who can choose to have the courage to open your own mind. No one else get’s to take that power from you unless you give it away to them.

I’ve digressed, so let’s continue…

One of the most fascinating aspects I have found about Human Design is that, although it can seem extremely analytical, it’s actually a tool to assist you in getting out of your head and into your body. As someone who has lived most of my life in my head, innerstanding my Human Design has completely changed my life and continues to the more I experiment and integrate.

As you embark on your own experiment with your design, the key is not to mentally “make sense” out of what you learn as much as it’s about feeling the resonance of it, then contemplating it, and then experimenting with these energies in your everyday.

Those who try to analytically understand every in and out of Human Design and how it came about miss the true beauty and mystery of it. My advice would be to go in with no expectations and just see how it feels in your body. And here’s why…

Why Human Design Matters

As we grow up, everyone experiences conditioning. We are told what to believe, what matters, how to act, what to do and how we should feel. If we aren’t literally told these things, the actions and energetic projections of others communicate far better than any words need to. The cause and effect of this conditioning is more detrimental than we realize because from a nervous system perspective, we end up being wired in such a way that causes us to live from the outside-in rather than from the inside-out. We are trained to survive rather than thrive.

Through our childhood experiences, we learn to trust others more than ourselves, listen to the opinions of people we love (and even people we don’t) more than what we know to be true and we act in according to what ultimately will continue to give us a sense of love, even if it’s an unconscious conditional love. We grow up as people pleasers, perfectionists and codependent individuals because we simply were taught to be from childhood.

This isn’t a “bad” thing however I’d argue it’s a deeply ineffective way to build a society of responsible, autonomous, authentic, and sovereign individuals who know how to take care of themselves so much that they overflow with excess energy to serve others with. And it’s the harsh reality we’ve perpetuated up to this point in the evolution of human beings. Eventually, some people wake up from their conditioning and start on a path of self awareness in which they are breaking down the walls they were told to live within.

To get a little deeper into this, consider this…

When we are first born, we are not mental beings and for roughly the first seven years of our lives we actually only experience life through energy in motion (emotion).

If you consider physics, everything in existence is made up of energy and matter and in roughly the first seven years of our lives, nothing actually “matters” to us. We communicate only via our emotions to get our needs met in the best way we know how until we get to the age where we start to talk. This is the sign that we are transitioning into our mental conditioning phase where we start to be taught and told what “matters”.

This is why most trauma ultimately roots back to the first seven years of our lives because it’s during this season that we are imprinted energetically and emotionally in the deepest ways. Our nervous systems are deeply wired during the phase of our lives that we only experience energy in motion.

As we start our deeper mental conditioning phase around the age of seven, we also start school and begin the process of learning about life and expanding our mental knowledge. This all continues until roughly the age of 14, when we enter the next 7-year cycle in which we start to become physically conditioned. Puberty kicks in and our body awareness starts to change and be developed in a new way.

Seven years later, we hit 21 years old and we celebrate as we step into young adulthood. What we don’t always realize at this point is that most of our existence as an individual has been simply built based off what others have told us about our emotions, our minds and our bodies. I also find no coincidence that we are of legal drinking age at this point in time and often use alcohol as a way to suppress our emotions and escape the false reality of the character we have been conditioned to play in this life. Then we go off into adulthood carrying the baggage of our conditioning and unintegrated emotions (and trauma) from childhood, watching it play out unconsciously in every decision, relationship and direction we move in until the potential day that we wake up to this truth and start on an inward journey of self awareness. This is the beginning of dismantling conditioning and integrating our childhood experiences to become a whole version of ourselves rather than a fragmented one.

If we don’t take this journey, we continue to disintegrate from the inside-out and slowly fall more and more prey to dis-ease and emotional chaos as our conditioning and trauma (unintegrated emotions) creates a drama out of our lives.

I find it’s important to see things from this angle because the purpose of Human Design is to radically help you decondition your cultural self and step into your most authentic self so you can embody who you are meant to be. This is not an overnight process and the journey is completely unique to every individual as we all carry a different level of conditioning, trauma, and life experience. It is said that it takes 7 years to fully understand and integrate your unique Human Design and in a lot of ways, this process is one that works in tandem with the roughly 7-year long cell-regenerative process our bodies go through.

Note: It’s a common idea that all of our cells regenerate every 7 years but this isn’t entirely true. Different cells throughout our body regenerate in different amount of times and it’s roughly every 6-8 years that we have completely new cells throughout our body.

Being that I am not 7-years into my Human Design experiment just yet, I can’t fully speak to the full validity of this however I enjoy the altruistic idea behind it and it’s a fun story to play with. I also have seen in the years I have been studying and experimenting with Human Design, that this concept does resonate deeply with me.


Also, it’s important to note that Human Design is not a personality test like the Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram but rather it reveals how your unique energy works in your body. In other words, it shows the energy behind your personality and when you understand why you experience life the way you do, you learn to own your experience in a whole new way and learn how to lead your life far more effectively in the direction you truly want it to go.

It also show you the aspects of yourself that you may not be aware of because we are all made up of a conscious personality and an unconscious design.

A brilliant way I love to think about this is that Human Design is a user manual to your individual unique life experience and it’s unlike anyone else’s. It’s simply a map for your own journey inward towards greater self awareness.

As someone who grew up enmeshed in religion and experienced a personal awakening in my mid-20’s, I have felt ever since that my self-awareness has elevated dramatically compared to what I grew up with. I’m also aware that this is in part, the basic mechanics of aging. However, even through my journey of exploring a lot of different modalities from therapy to coaching, meditation to psychadelics, breathwork to bodywork, religion to rebirthing, I still felt like I was in a bit of a void and not always able to bring definitive language to my experience of awareness. I often feel like my communication and connection with other self aware individuals has mainly been through energetic resonance. You know and can feel when someone truly see’s you, hears you, understand you and it is wildly evident when someone does not.

Human Design provides a simple and profound language to your experience of self awareness and your personal design or “map” touches on every area of your life from your mind to your unique voice, the way you experience love, self worth, relationships, sex and fear, how emotions work for you, how to work without burning out, how to most effectively run your business and market yourself, who your ideal client is, how to tap into your creativity and the best ways that you can actually start to create the change you want in your life. And even that sentence is scratching the surface.

Simply put, when you understand how your unique energy works, each of these areas in your life become profoundly empowered.

As a Business and Being Coach, learning Human Design finally answered a looming question that I’ve had for years around how to be far more effective in a personalized and individual way with the people I work with because rather than coaching through the lens of MY experience in life or business, I now coach through the lens of my clients individual design. And the results my clients are now getting continuously blow me away.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a synthesis of multiple ancient and modern sciences including the Chinese iChing, Vedic Chakra System, Judaic Kabbalah, Quantum Physics and Eastern & Western Astrology. All of these systems speak to archetypal energy and give you the opportunity to understand your own more.

And because that didn’t make a lick of sense to me when I first learned it, I will tell you that it’s a map, a language, a philosophy, and a personal experiment to help you radically see, hear, feel, and own who you are while also learning how to deeply respect others without putting your personal baggage on them.

It’s profound, it’s exciting, and it has the power to help you discover or bring language to parts of yourself that may be very difficult to discover or define.

Your energy is unlike anyone else’s and in a world that is obsessed with the mental, material, and physical aspects of life, I have found that understanding who you are requires going a bit deeper. You start to understand yourself in a whole new way when you tap into who you energetically are rather than who you think you are.

And I’ll close with this.

I have always been a deeply analytical person and there was even a time where I rolled my eyes at some of this stuff because I thought it was slightly delusional. I naturally doubt everything and constantly put concepts and theories to the test to find the validity in them. This could be the natural byproduct of becoming aware of myself for the first time when I was 26 and feeling like everyone lied to me for decades of my life, however, this unique energy of doubting actually shows up in my own personal design.

It may not be for you or it may not be for you right now. Only you know what’s best. There’s so many ways and modalities to understand ourselves, especially in this season of humanity. I’ve experimented a lot in the world of “self-help” and this tool has lit me up in a whole new way over the last several years as it has helped me finally make sense of things that often felt chaotic and confusing. If you have an open mind, if you are curious and if you explore with no expectation, you may just have your mind and awareness expanded in a whole new way.

Free Human Design Chart

Your chart, known as your Bodygraph, is calculated based off of the exact time, date and location (country, city & state) of your birth and below you’ll find a link below where you can generate your chart for you for free.

Yes, the exact birth time greatly matters so do your best to get the exact time. More often than not, you can get this from your birth certificate, though sometimes these can even be off. If you don’t know the exact time, try to be as close as possible and yes, there are ways to discover the time even if you don’t have a clue.

If you are looking to get a free chart, I’d recommend starting at MyHumanDesign.com

This website is run by a woman named Jenna Zoe and though I don’t study under Jenna, she does provide a beautiful opportunity to gain access, not just to your chart, but also some immediate info and videos so you can start to explore and understand your design.

I’ll be sharing more here going forward and eventually, will have an opportunity for you to run a chart right here on my own site.

As well, if you feel inspired to, I’d love for you to come follow me on Instagram as I’m sharing often and will be creating more content like this going forward to share more of my own personal and business experiment with Human Design.

If you feel that having a call with me and starting to unpacking and integrating your design, while also getting extremely tangible on what it means for your life, click here to book a session with me.


Now that you having a starting point for What Human Design Is and How It Works, check out the 3 Keys To Starting Your Human Design Experiment!